Building a nonprofit support base is all about establishing and fostering ongoing relationships. 


Supporters need to feel invited to participate in your organization. This looks a little different for every nonprofit. Sometimes it may be as simple as giving them a title to align and identify with, other times it may involve meeting them face to face, a phone call, or an exciting event. Regardless, it involves interaction and inclusion. Making sure your support partners understand the significant role they play in your nonprofit is essential to healthily long-term relationships and long-term financial stability. 

Fundraising is investing in a relationship not asking for a hand out.

Our combined efforts were instrumental in raising over $9.5 million for nonprofits.

On average only 1 out of 5 new donors to a nonprofit organization will give a 2nd time. 45% of donors relate that they do not feel appreciated for their contribution to the organization. And, 88% of nonprofits do not send a welcome email to new subscribers, losing valuable interest due to delayed contact.

Each of your supporters doesn't share the same connection to your nonprofit. If you’re talking to your monthly recurring support partners the same way you’re talking to a first-time donor, then you’re negatively communicating that you are not paying attention to them or their unique relationship with you. You need to deliver more personalized messages that are relevant to each type of supporter in the stage of their relationship that they are at with your organization.

We specialize in researching and understanding what your current support partners need to motivate them to invest at a higher level, and branching out to attract new partners from other demographics. 

Communication Services

  • Emails
  • Printed Newsletters
  • Thank You's
  • Phone Calls
  • Personal Meetings
  • Appreciation Gifts
  • Public Recognition
  • Event Hosting
  • Other Custom Communications
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