The Momentum Package is a complex bundle in which we come alongside and work closely with your organization for 5 months, rebuilding and rebranding (if wanted) the foundational elements of your presence to your support partners. We first work with your team on crafting your organization’s unique story and its importance to the community you impact. Then we travel to your location and film/shoot/gather all the content we need to return to our office and produce your digital package. The package has components which are integrated to work one with another creating a snowball effect as they stack on each other to escalate interest, engagement, involvement, and retention. The products are listed below and include: a WordPress website, a 5-6 minute promotional video, blogs, direct mail outs, a 30-day online fundraising campaign, a media engagement strategy, and a traveling promotional kit.

We build these foundational tech tools, implement your custom strategy, and run these projects while working with you to reignite your existing partnership enthusiasm and organically grow your donor support base. While we’re doing that we’ll also be teaching a designated member of your organization how to use these tools to continue to keep the momentum going by fostering healthy partnerships independently with this new strategy. 

WordPress Website


WordPress Website

A typical site visitor will spend 5 seconds on a website before deciding whether to dig deeper or to leave. In those 5 seconds, everything counts! Colors, photos, fonts, layout, menu buttons, tag lines, etc. 


We create customized sites that represent you and the unique mission of your nonprofit. We incorporate stories, photos, and video to engage your site visitors and keep them coming back to find out more. Using the Beaver Builder software you and your team will be in complete control of updates, changes, and edits with an intuitive visual drag and drop system. This enables you to communicate faster and more efficiently with your site visitors and contributes to greater interest and deeper partnerships. 


12 Page WordPress Website

Blog Setup

Social Media Integration

Google Analytics Installed

Facebook Pixel Installed

Email Autoresponder Integration

Donation Software Integration

Contact Forms

Promotional Video


Promotional Video

Video content generates 1200% more shares through personal network platforms than images and text combined. A mere 5 seconds of video conveys 1000 words of a story. On top of that research shows that viewers retain 95% of a video’s messages as compared to 10% when reading the text.


If you aren’t yet using the power of video to bring your message to the masses now is the time!

From start to finish we do the research, writing, filming, editing, and production to help you craft your story, bringing it to life and into your support partner’s sights through video.


PHASE 1 - Research, Scripts, and Storyboarding

PHASE 2 - On location(s) filming interviews, interactions, facilities, etc.

PHASE 3 - Branding, Editing, Narration, Translation Voiceovers

The Result: Your Powerful Story Ready to Share with the World!

Photographic Package


Photographic Package

The human brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text. Photos are one of the most powerful ways to share your story with your current and prospective support partners.


Photos convey so much that words cannot. We know what to look for and how to capture the "moments" that solidify what you as an organization do and why it is so important that you exist. 


General Organization / Community Photoshoot

Staff / Volunteer Bio Photoshoot

30 Professionally Edited Photos for Promotional Use on Website, Social Media, Newsletters, etc.

30 Professionally Edited Photos of the Community You Serve (Nature Scape, Culture, Aerials, etc)

Fundraising Campaign


Fundraising Campaign

The "ask" is an essential part of allowing your support partners the satisfaction and fulfillment of contributing to your organization and the work they desire to be a part of. The tone, delivery, channel, timely occurrence, and pre-cultivation all play an integral role in how your supporters respond. 


During the final 4 weeks of our work with your organization, we will create and run an online fundraising campaign for a specific need as determined by you. We will work with you to determine a need and a target goal that fosters trust and encourages your donors that their dollar makes a tangible difference. 


Campaign Strategy Development

Campaign Specific Video - 60 - 90 seconds

10-15 Short Videos - 15 seconds for Social Media Posts

20 Campaign Specific Photos

15 Campaign Specific Facebook Posts

15 Campaign Specific Instagram Posts

Campaign Specific Direct Mail-Out - 250 included

Email Campaign

Promotional Content Design


Promotional Content Design

Have you ever run into someone and started sharing your work, only to have the conversation come to a close and the individual ask if you have some material they can take with them to look into further? Chances are if they walk away without at the very least your written website address they will never dig deeper or become involved. Don't let that interaction go to waste, be prepared. 


Our design team will create a set of print materials that stand out and communicate the feel, purpose, values, mission, and uniqueness of your organization. These promotional materials will have a professional consistency that is appealing and identifiable by your support partners. These materials also help to reinforce your legitimacy, foster trust, and be a visual reminder keeping you at the forefront of the recipient's mind. 


Trifold Brochure

Donor Card


Business Card

Direct Mail-Out


Direct Mail-Out

The value of printed newsletters and other direct mail is often underestimated. With the current bombardment of digital media printed mail stands out more than ever. In fact, direct mail response rates are the highest they have been in 15 years. 56% of donors feel that print communication is the most trustworthy source of information. 


This newsletter mail-out will help spark interest in the exciting changes coming to your organization's channels of communication. It will also reinforce the importance of and appreciation for your support partners involvement in growing your impact. We include 250 mail-outs with the Momentum Pkg, but will send to your entire donor list per print cost for additional addresses (recommended). 


2 Page - 8.5”x 14” Newsletter

Written Content

Graphic Design

Full Color Print


Return Donation Envelope Included

Mailed (domestic addresses US or Canada)

Blog Creation


Blog Creation

Blogs, emails, direct mail, phone calls, social media, television, and live events are all optional channels of communication. Multichannel communication is an integrated approach that ensures your support partner can engage with you in whatever way is easiest and most convenient for them. 


Our content creators will craft, post, and email 4 - 300 word blogs that highlight your organization's work, and the stories of those impacted by it. 


Written (Research included)

Posted on Your Website

Optimized for Social Media Sharing

Emailed to Your Subscribers

Social Media Management


Social Media Management

Close to 20% of daily online activity in the U.S. takes place on social media platforms. 55% of people who engage with nonprofits on social media take action. 


Social media is one of the fastest ways to introduce your organization and its impact to prospective support partners. It is also one of the easiest and most engaging ways to keep your partners informed and involved. Social media keeps you at the forefront of their minds and in their newsfeeds. Through these channels they are able to interact with you, joining in real-time challenges and celebrating in those victories. This real-time connection and repetition reinforces their relationship with your organization and encourages them to become increasingly involved.


Social Media Audit & Strategy

8 Weeks Social Media Management for Instagram & Facebook

Ad Spend and Management



A Contest (if appropriate)

Organic Growth

3 Month Posting Plan

Email Autoresponder


Email Autoresponder Setup

88% of nonprofits do not send a welcome email to new subscribers, and therefore lose potential donors' valuable interest due to delayed contact.


We craft a sequence of 3-5 emails (depending on your organization's size and need) for your new subscribers to introduce your organization's work, invite them to learn more, and ask them to take action and join in. We set these up as autoresponder emails in your email provider system and add branding, photos, and links to drive traffic back to your website and encourage new potential supporters to get excited and get involved! 


Welcome Email - Social Media Sign-Up

Informative Story - Newsletter Sign-Up

Invitation Email - Involvement

Promotional Kit


Promotional Kit

When asked nearly 75% of young adults are willing to raise money on behalf of an organization that matters to them. 92% of nonprofit donors are more likely to give to organizations that have been endorsed by someone they know personally.


Our promotional booth kits are a quick solution to give your partners the confidence they need to represent your organization with professionalism and consistency. The kit, which is enclosed in a sturdy UPS approved shipping case, is stocked and ready for setup. It is incredibly easy to use and can be set up anywhere with foot traffic (you don't have to hold an event for it to have a great impact!). 


Retractable Floor Banner

Retractable Table Signs

Trifold Brochures

Colored Table Cloth

Front Table Banner/Runner

Acrylic Brochure Stands



Donation Cards


Sponsorship Sign-Up

Raffle Basket

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