Video content generates 1200% more shares through personal network platforms than images and text combined. A mere 5 seconds of video conveys 1000 words of a story. On top of that research shows that viewers retain 95% of a video’s messages as compared to 10% when reading the text.


Pre Production

Through interviews with you and your team, our research on the history and uniqueness or your organization, and a clearly defined goal for the video (or series of videos) we craft your story. Our team then creates a script and storyboard of your promotional video for review and revision before production.


Equipped with script and storyboard preparation, we visit your organization (and any additional locations necessary to support your story) to shoot live interviews, interactions, facilities, and all the other footage necessary.

Post Production

With our exciting newly acquired video content of your organization and its impact, we return to our offices where we brand, edit, narrate, add English voiceovers when necessary, and produce your finished piece. Making it ready with one click of a button to share with the world on your website, at events, and through social media, inviting new partners to join you, and motivating people to take action!

Promotional Videos

Marketing & Fundraiser Videos

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